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Sengoku Basara!

Sengoku Basara
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Although being new, I've decided to make a roleplay to see if any one in the crowd of PA takes to my taste of roleplayng. In this roleplay, the story will focus on two main characters of the series : Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. Even though the plot surrounds the two, it doesn't mean you are restricted to play on these two forces. You may be a warrior of the Oda or a ninja of the Tokugawa. Hey, you may even make up your own force. For those who don't know what Sengoku Basara is, it is a game series which focuses on the Sengoku Era, a feudal war in Japan over who would rule over it. The game itself is a product of Capcom and has some insane outlooks on the characters and the events that took place. Some say it's a ripoff of Koei's Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Musou (which I love dearly as well,) but to me, the game has its differences. For those who do know what Sengoku Basara is, you'll save me a lot of trouble, for you know who is in the game, what the game offers and the storyline that follows, but that doesn't mean you don't have to make a character sheet. That brings me to...

Character Sheets
Existing characters or created characters are to have character sheets. Character sheets are gateways to expressing and giving an imaginary view on how your character acts, what he/she looks like, his/her personality, etc, so on and so forth. Without a sheet, it's pretty hard to determine if your character is approachable by means of violence or peace. With that said, it is imperative that you create one, so you won't have us looking in the dark when it comes your turn to do your actions and whatnot. To give you an example on what a character sheet could look like, I'll post and example one.

Basic Info

Name : Ryuuhana Seijyuuro
Birthplace : Omi Province (Specific town unknown)
Age : 24
Force : Azai Clan (Later on, Date Clan)
Rank : General (Both clans)

Hereditary Traits

Height : 5'7
Weight : 144 lbs
Hairstyle (Color) : Slick, ponytailed waist-length (black)
Eyes (Color) : Narrow (Black)
Speech : Low and whispy.

Weapon : Twin-headed trident named Hydra.


That character sheet is incomplete as of now (due to the fact it 3:25 AM here and I need some sleep,) but you catch my drift. Note that I said your character sheet COULD look like that, not should. You could make yours colorful and way different than mine. Go for it! Anyways, once I get up from my sleep, I'll work on this more. I hope that this attracts some people and encorages them to take part in this. If not, I guess it'll just rot until an admin rids of it. Anyways, take care and have a safe one. (Note : Even though the roleplay is called Sengoku Basara, it does not exclude Sengoku Basara 2 or Sengoku Basara 2 HEROES. Thank you.)


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great idea. it should work but you need to introduce what may happen and the main objective so to say and can it also be magc as well not major like fireball and stuff

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so like this

Basic Info

name: sasukae tarainimaru
birthplace: (ill make it up but pm me with list if you want me to change) orokai province location wilderness.
rank:mercenary lord
parents:tesa aexandra:english kai tarainimaru:werever this is set

Hereditary Traits

weight:160 lbs
hairstyle:below shoulder length messy and brown
eyes:normal blue.
speach:fairly loud and prominent except when silence is needed.


two sided halberd called bite
throwing stars
short samuri sword called
and fire gloves(allows to cast low level fire spells pm me if i should delete this)
Long bow and 5000 arrows (in my camp) 500 on me bow:snipe
small gunpowder pistol:called bang


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